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OursTeh1337 -
Wait… What? New Post? A NEW POST!!!1!!

Believe it or not, I actually have started planing out the next OursTeh1337 update. This update will bring revolutionary features like content, and a reason to visit the site! (Beyond being to lazy to change your homepage). As soon as I have ironed out all the details I will share them with you. (And if you want to help that would also be greAAAt, just toss me a Tweet @m_i_rite

Yes, I have a whole notebook page of notes and diagrams. No, I did not learn much about Utopias, I was busy planing a site. Yes, I am applying that knowledge.

Down, but not out!

First of all, thank you all for your patience.
Now, I will attempt to go on to explaining the problems.

The site has been facing a slew of issues for a while now, which have ultimately cumulated with a problem so big that it became necessary to pull the site off of the web as a whole.

At first I tried to patch the holes as they were appearing, and that did work for a while. However, after a year or so of this it has become apparent that I just do not have the time to sink into
making the site functional in its current state. The sites original code has grown into a large complicated mess and I have no way
of knowing what dark forces lurk inside of it.

I have no regrets. What started as a high school CS project had grown into something truly marvelous. That being said, I was in over my head. Things went great for a while, but unfortunately the code was still rooted in sloppy,
beginner code. The site was recently attacked and brought to its knees, even getting flagged for malware by Google. I had no choice but to pull the site.
For the last week or so I have been contemplating the future
of the site. Whether I would let it die, or simply re-purpose. I finally decided against both of these. I will rebuild the site. Bigger, better, and stronger than ever. This site has not yet lived up to my desires for it, and because of that
I feel the need to push forward, and this next update will hopefully bring the site to its full potential.

It would also probably be a good idea to change your password on any sites that you use your OursTeh1337 password on. (Like really good)